When others ran, we of Silent Storm remain and face the storm. Will you survive?
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As of right now I am seeking any interest in anyone joining!
Pack is officially open, including the roleplay!
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 Khronos | Militia (WIP) ☼

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PostSubject: Khronos | Militia (WIP) ☼   Wed May 23, 2018 3:52 pm

Khronos Sandstorm

Nickname: Goldilocks
Wolf Species: Grey wolf
Age: 5 Years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Militia (Guardian/Warrior)
Pack: Silent Storm Pack
Sexuality: Pansexual

Stamina: 4/10
Speed: 6/10
Strength: 8/10
Flexibility: 5/10
Tracking: 4/10

Build: Has a tall and strong muscular build that's suited for a warrior. He has long legs to stride. He also has a shorter tail than the average grey wolf. 
Coat:  His fur is long and shaggy which is perfect for when he's patrolling in the rain. 
Fur Colour: His coat is a mixture of light brown and gold with tints of black. He's lighter around his muzzle, chest and underbelly.
Eye Colour: His eye colour is a rusty orange. Almost gold like his coat. 
Scars: He has 3 permanent scars running down his face and over his eyes. It was given to him at a fairly young age during an attack

Khronos is a soldier at heart. 
He is alert and always has his guard up. He's easy to befriend, but gaining his trust is another challenge. He's not a particularly big talker, which makes starting a topic the hardest. Khronos is easily fond of others, and will grow quite protective of them. You can always be sure he'll have your back. Khronos is respectful to all, and does not care about rank. He's not easily offended, and would likely shake it off. Despite his rank, Khronos is a peacemaker. He would do everything in his power to avoid a fight with his own pack. A stranger or rival however is no competition. He would easily take the life of another if it meant the pack would be safe.


Play fighting
Night time
Sharing his knowledge
Telling stories


Unnecessary Violence
Disloyalty and lies
Blazing sun
Being woken up
Not being listened to
Talking about his scars

Khronos' immense bravery. He might not the be the strongest but he can fight pretty well. He'll stand his ground and never give up. He is extremely dedicated to his rank, and will fight till his last breath. 

Sleeping. Khronos tends to overwork himself and will sometimes sleep on the job.  Pssst Don't tell Kaiba.

Theme Song

Arc Goal 
Khronos' goal is to create many friendships and become social in his pack. And too off course protect it. And maybe get a crush. Whoop.
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Khronos | Militia (WIP) ☼
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