When others ran, we of Silent Storm remain and face the storm. Will you survive?
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 return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]

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PostSubject: return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]   Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:17 am

Return of the Gypsy

sooo, as you may well know or not know - i am planning on bringing silvah back [ a very old former member of ssp, she was around back in the vanilla stages of the packs creation] she was well known among older pack members, some in which have passed ic, or become inactive and abandoned ship. my memory is twitching, and im going to assume she was close with both frostbite and blackice, as well as ripley and bane alongside others. all in which have either died, or as stated above left the pack entirely. upon bringing her back into the realms of the ssp pack, im going to have her stir up a plot in which im hoping you'd all like to be a part of. 

  • i am going to need at least three current members of the ssp, including an alpha [ one that could potentially make this plot last a while, pref someone who knows about silvah, her history with the former leaders of ssp and her wise nature.]

  • i will have silvah howl at an old encampment one in which she remembers well from her previous life with the members of ssp. this is where the plot group will find her. at first they can just assume she is a wandering wolf, one that is lost and in need of guidence, but silvah knows all about the new leaders of ssp, alongside its newer, fresher members.

  • silvah is old and frail, and she is to become blind within the last stages of her life. i am going to state that she is eight years old. and her age can be spotted through her greying muzzle, her scars and her lithe frame. 

  • over the years, this old mistress has come to understand the language of crows, one especially who travels along side her, named corvus. he has helped keep silvah alive to this day, and he keeps a watchful eye steering silvah clear of young lone wolves, as she hasn't the strength that she had in her younger days. 

  • although seemingly useless due to her elder state, silvah is still a useful asset especially being that her feathery companion, corvus, could potentially work as a scout or spy for the pack.

  • with her deterioration, silvah will share her knowledge of the former leaders in which created ssp, and she will begin to assume she can foresee future. i'd like for the wolves to actually start believing in her visions, thus this would create windows for a lot of plots.

let me know what you all think. i'll get a biography up and running in the next few days. silvah will be seeing you soon!


[on another note, i've created a discord for easy communications seeing as not everyone can be online at the same time, if you've used it before follow this invite , discord is mobile friendly and can be installed as an app on android and ios phones - if you cant download it, you can still use the app using the internet on your phones. its just a basic set up as of right now, when i see that its being used i'll get people promoted to their ranks accordingly. ]

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PostSubject: Re: return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]   Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:06 am

After Akira is officially accepted into the pack, I may be down for helping find your character.
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PostSubject: Re: return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]   Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:23 am

anyone else? i mean its been 4/5 days? thread has 60 views too...
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PostSubject: Re: return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]   Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:58 am

There aren't too many members in the pack right now and things are still beginning with the alphas being reunited. That's why I think there hasn't been many responses to this request :/
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PostSubject: Re: return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]   

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return of the gypsy [plot for silvah]
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