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 Teru // Apprentice (soon to be)

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PostSubject: Teru // Apprentice (soon to be)   Tue May 15, 2018 4:53 pm

Name: Teru (TEH-roo, TURR-oo - either work)
Name Meaning: Amharic for "brilliant"
Alias(es): None, but she's open to them!
Hourglass: One year old
Species: Ethiopian wolf (100%)
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic Orientation: Bi-curious
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Affiliation: Herself (soon to be SSP)
Current Position: Vagabond (soon to be Apprentice)
Desired Position: None to date

Vocal Pitch: Middle to higher-ranged. She could definitely suit as a soprano.
Vocal Type: Sturdy, somewhat controlled and unfortunately prone to occasional embarrassing voice cracks.
Speech Type: Leveled with a discreet yet infectiously enthusiastic undertone with very subtle staccato breaks.
Scent: Her scent consists of faded pine and the faintest hint of sage.

Stature: 55 cm (at the shoulder)
Weight: When healthy, she is at an approximate 30 lb (13 kg), but when she on the lesser end of the health ratio, her weight can range at about 20 lb (9 kg) to 28 (12 kg).
Body Type: Ectomorph
Physique: Teru's physique is lithe and somewhat insubstantial; dainty to an extent. She's streamlined which enables her the capability to reach impressive speeds within a matter of seconds and remain at said speed for extended periods of time. She is extremely agile and lightweight, being able to make quick and smooth yet abrupt turns at high speeds. Despite her superficially weak brawn, however, she certainly packs a punch. When Teru latches her jaws around her target, she doesn't intend to let go until she knows the damage has been done.
Gait: Quick and light ebullient steps. She tends to concentrate more on what's going on around her, entirely neglecting to focus on what's in front of her, thus she's predisposed to completely toppling over her own paws which unfortunately doesn't conclude her as the stealthiest.
Posture: She straightens her neck and shoulders when she stands or walks/runs to she can convey the illusion of being taller than the reality of her height. Much to her own dismay.
Reflexes: Quick

Pelt Colorization: Her fur color consists of various warm rusty and brown tones embellished with white and beige placed on her lower jaw, cheek tufts, neck, chest, paws/ankles, and the base of her tail.
Pelt Texture: Her coat is soft, short, and extremely glossy.
Pelt Grooming: Since Teru's fur is quite short, it usually remains immaculate in its own will.
Eyes: Her eyes are colored a dark chocolate brown with various flecks of warmer bronze that are only visible when under brighter light and/or up close. Her eyes might even adapt a dark amber hue standing under specific lighting.

Physical Health: Healthy and alive.
Physical Imperfection(s): She hosts three healed claw marks across her right flank she acquired from a squabble with a coyote.
Physical Disabilities: She currently has none.
Physical Goals: Teru hopes that someday she'll be able gain a little more physical brawn which she naturally lacks.
Physical Quirks: Since she dislikes spending so much time in one position, she's been known to prance about in haphazard directions both back and forth (absentmindedly) when she is lost in thought or really stressed and panicked.

Mental Age: One year old
Social Classification: Extrovert
Personality Type: ENFP
Character Alignment: Chaotic Good
Right or Left-Brained: Right
Heavenliest Virtue: Patience
Deadliest Sin: Envy

Likes: Inconsistency, unity, ingenuity, fish and fishing , originality, engaging conversations and arguments, the sun and sunlight, warm weather, adaptability, dawns and noon, swimming and water in general, communication, solid ground, acceptance, dependability
Dislikes: Ignorance, dead and eerie silence, cool weather, heights, intense darkness, humidity, climbing, feeling intimidated, corruption in general, killing without reason, treason, her inability to remain focused on one thing for long periods of time, the dark
Phobias: Autophobia (fear of isolation), Sedatephobia (fear of silence), Acrophobia (fear of heights), Nyctophobia (fear of the dark), Claustrophobia (fear of small spaces)
Values: Communication, unity, cooperation, acceptance, security, social-intelligence, creativity, humor, adaptability
Pet-Peeves: When others mention her short stature, being underestimated
Insecurities: Her height, when others point out her inability to remain focused on one subject, her "childish" fear of the dark
Fears: Being left alone for an extended amount of time, blood, dead and eerie silence, being out after dark, those who clearly have a more physical advantage over her and simply taller or larger wolves in general, knowing she isn't safe, knowing she might not have a permanent place to call home/never being able to find a permanent home, loss, mental corruption, being locked within small spaces, commitment
Mental Goals: Teru wants to overcome her fear of isolation. One would think that after being on her own for a few extended months, she would adjust to solitude, but it just hasn't been that easy for her.
Mental Quirks: Teru is guilty of hopping from one subject to another without giving those who she is conversing with enough time to intervene with their own opinions. This is a habit of her's that she acquired over time because of her immense need of wanting to get her opinions out there with the feeling that there isn't enough time to do so in one sitting. This is why she may not be the easiest to have a calm conversation with at first. She tries though. During a time of silence (and she is unable to seek a conversation through a fellow wolf), Teru will often speak quietly to herself about anything that reaches her mind until she can make conversation with someone else. She does this because silence is a big issue for her, and she would much rather listen to herself talk her own ears off than the piercing silence that she's had to deal with for the majority of her upbringing.

Mental Disorder(s): ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - severe), DPD (Dependent personality disorder - severe)

Positive Traits: Accepting, cordial, creative, empathetic, witty, placid, astute, ambitious, staunch, indulgent, clement, altruistic, eloquent, exuberant, versatile, patient, composed, vigilant
Neutral Traits: Deceptive, loquacious, tenacious, petty, informal, snide, clingy, specific, evasive, irrational, pettish, magnanimous, skeptical, persuasive, emotional, nomadic, restive, indolent, repetitive, obsessive
Negative Traits: Spiteful, dissident, roguish, haughty, envious, unscrupulous, pitiless, defiant, challenging, impetuous, vindictive, jaundiced, nettlesome, bullheaded, unpalatable, selfish
Best Yet Worst Trait(s): Her inability to hold grudges for longer than two days and her infinite supply of cordiality she offers out with no cost. She is also a natural and fluent improviser.

Personality Overview: Teru strives on communication and talking in general. She has little to no problem when it comes to publicizing her thoughts and she will merrily do so without redefining the consequences. She's extremely upfront about what's on her mind and will not beat around the bush under any circumstance. Honest and direct in speech, she doesn't sugarcoat either. 

Teru is highly observant of those around her, often paying more attention to others' actions and responses rather than her own surroundings. While she is typically clumsy by nature, she intentionally acts clumsier and uncoordinated so she can receive a laugh from her peers. All she really wishes is to fit in as a small, but significant piece of the puzzle and be accepted and she will do so—even if it meant hurting someone else in the process. Teru is very nonchalant—almost to a fault. She doesn't look at assignments and tasks as a requirement (unless it was to genuinely intrigue her). Otherwise, it's just something that gets in her way and hinders her from having fun.

The only "job" Teru strives to achieve is making her peers laugh. If she can make at least one person smile even just once, then she's fulfilled her purpose and considers her day complete.

Teru is impulsive and reckless, doing before thinking and dealing with the consequences that follow through afterward. This is what often leads her to come off as curt and insensitive—due to her honest nature—and majority of the time, she doesn't even mean half of the words that are inclined to escaping her mouth, especially in the heat of the moment when her judgement is clouded over by the yearn to either prove herself more and better than she is or get back at someone for something they've said. It's why she may come off as puerile and even though she says otherwise—she is.

Teru relies heavily on others to get through each day, just as she relies on communication to keep her sanity at bay. This is why she tends to be clingy (and maybe a little obsessive) over those who she's fond of, and why she will always look to them for answers whenever she's confronted by a stressful or tough decision. That is the sole reason why she often has difficulties thinking and deciding for herself. She's aware of this, but she can't help it. She is, in fact, insecure about it, shrouding herself in and carrying the stigma of being nothing but a burden—someone who drags others down and dampens their day whenever she's around.

Teru is profoundly forgiving to those she's fond of and exceedingly excusing in general, almost to a fault. She will always give someone a second chance and sometimes more than merely two. Even to her rivals. She can give too much respect to those who don't deserve it and is sometimes too open and accepting and forgive someone out of pure pity, but of course, this can come with a costly price.

Acquaintance(s): None to date
Friend(s): None to date
Close Friend(s): None to date
Foe(s): None to date
Enemies: None to date
Crush(es): None to date
Significant Other(s): None to date

Parents: Taye (father, alive), Taitu (mother, alive)
Grandparents: Yonas (grandfather, alive), Lishan (grandmother, deceased) 
Siblings: Lulit (oldest sister, alive), Dejen (second oldest brother, alive), Desta (third oldest brother, deceased), Teru is the youngest
Extended Family: None to date
Half-Family: None to date

History: Major wip.
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Teru // Apprentice (soon to be)
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