When others ran, we of Silent Storm remain and face the storm. Will you survive?
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As of right now I am seeking any interest in anyone joining!
Pack is officially open, including the roleplay!
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 Zamber | The Brave and Beautiful

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PostSubject: Zamber | The Brave and Beautiful   Mon May 14, 2018 8:52 pm

Pronunciation: Z-am-Bur
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Gender: Female 
Age: Three
Orientation: Romantically

Strengths: Zamber is capable of telling the weak from the strong in terms of whether someone is strong enough to do something or not. Zamber is very much energetic which allows her to build the muscles she will need to run the pack.
Weaknesses: Zamber is very clumsy sometimes. She has a tendency to walk and talk and not be fully aware of where she is going. She likes to talk...A lot. Sometimes more than some can handle. In some cases, she contradicts what she says. Zamber can be quite forgetful when she has a lot on her plate. She is easily distracted from some things when something else catches her attention.

Personality: Zamber is a very sweet girl. She will greet you with a kind hello and make conversation with you easily, even though she talks a lot. She's patient when is comes to serious matters such as a hunt or patrol of some sort. Zamber is caring and loves to be around the young, observing them as they do their puppy activities. Jealousy kicks in when she sees another wolf interacting with someone she could be interested in. Zamber can be flirtatious. She just as kind as she can be cruel to others she might see as a threat.
Likes: Loves to watch puppies play! Zamber likes to lay near a stream and watch the sun set. Often, you will see Zamber in a field smelling her favorite flowers, which are all sorts except the ones that make her sneeze.
Dislikes: Zamber does not enjoy other seeking wolves she is interested in. Of all things, Zamber doesn't appreciate backtalk from the younger wolves. She never likes to be continuously bothered with sad stories. Extreme cold temperatures make her drowsy and restless. 

Eyes: Deep blue and yellow
Fur: Asortment of grey to white 
Build: Muscular, but she's fluufy! 

Mother: Arcane
father: Aramon
Siblings: Two Sisters and Brothers, names unimportant." 
Mate: Kaiba
Offspring: None 

History: Zamber was a pup among a litter of six when she was born. Even though she was strong, and four of the others were as well, one pup was born with a birth defect. Sadly, it did not survive the night. Grieved, Zambers parents knew they had to move on. 
A year went by and Zamber and her three sisters and one brother grew to yearlings. By then, Arcane and Aramon decided the family would travel from the den and search for better hunting grounds. Zamber jumped at the chance to explore the outside world. She walked alongside her father with hopes of learning a thing or two other than plant names and herbs from her mother. Her siblings enjoyed it, but Zamber wanted action and adventure in her life. 
On the third day of traveling, Zamber and her family were a third of the way there to their new home. Aramon had explained to Zamber that the home they were traveling to was an old packs home that her parents has inhabited when no other packs had been in the area for a few centuries.
The talk of such a place with waterfalls and mysterious forest memorized Zamber to a point that she promised her father to work hard to ensure the entire family made it to the Home safely. Aramon didn't doubt that his young daughter would defend her pack, but he still teased her small frame.
The day Zamber and her family arrived at the border of their new home, an unexpected turn of events twisted Zambers world for the better. A wolf pack, friendly as it was, had moved into the area in the past year. The leader of the pack addressed Arcane and Aramon, inviting the family to join him. Surprised the request from the supposed alpha, Aramon and Arcane denied the request at first. The stranger called for the only three wolves in his pack; two males and a female. None were related to the other. 
The Alpha explained to Aramon and Arcane that the four of them didn't want to be so small. Hunting was unsuccessful because one of the females who's talent was the Hunt had injured her paw in a chase several months previous to the families arrival. He offered the family a high ranked position and safety to the Alphas pups. 
Zamber, with a courageous heart, bounded up to one of the females, and began to converse with them, talking away as though the situation wasn't all that grave. Her talent for understanding when a pack needed help was clear to her parents, and the family agreed. With a pack of eleven wolves, Aramon an Arcane knew the pack would prosper. 
By the time Zamber and her siblings turned three, Zamber knew in her gut, it was time for her to find her own place. She loved her family and the new relationships she had created with the Old Alphas pack mates, but she wanted to belong some place else; a place full of adventure. With happy good wishes, Zamber made for a place she didn't know she would find: The Silent Storm Pack


Believe in yourself to search and conquer 
not only the storm around you, 
but the storm inside of you too

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Zamber | The Brave and Beautiful
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